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Altough datacenter costs increase, Infiniroot keeps prices for managed servers and services

Published on December 2nd 2022

Since our move to our current primary data center (Zurich, Switzerland) back in 2018, we have seen increasing data center costs. Most of these increasing costs are caused by our major stack rebuild in 2021, but over the past years the energy (electricity) prices have steadily increased, too.

Increasing operation costs, almost every year

The following graph shows the increasing costs (in percent) of our own data center operations, compared to 2018, when we started up the first physical servers in data center Zurich 1.

Increasing data center costs in percent since 2018

With the latest increase in energy costs, where the prices increase on a per kWh basis, we estimate our recurring costs in 2023 to be 76% higher than they were back in 2018.

Good news: We keep our managed hosting prices!

But here are the good news: Infiniroot will keep the current prices for managed dedicated servers and virtual infrastructures! 

Thanks to a good year 2022 with new customers and increased revenue, we are able to avoid a price increase on our services; what our customers paid in 2022 will also be the same price as in 2023.

At the same time we continue to deliver our well-known quick and solution-oriented solutions and support from our experienced and motivated systems engineers.

With these good news, we wish all our current (and future) customers a calm, peaceful and healthy last few weeks of the year 2022.

Happy holidays and a great 2023 from Infiniroot