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Network- and Systems Analysis

Todays systems and applications require additional security and redundancy, balancing and scaling. We help you find and configure the most important hardening settings for your application servers and review your systems architecture for performance and redundancy. The same also applies to corporate (internal) networks. Due to the network connectivity, more and more corporate networks are at risk of a hack or malware attack. With our corporate network security review we help you to identify vulnerable systems and recommend how to fix or replace them.

Problem analysis and troubleshooting

Is something in your infrastructure or application not working correctly anymore? Do you need help investigating what might be the cause? Something broken and unable to fix it? In the past years we have analyzed a lot of problems - and solved them! An external view on a problem brings fresh ideas and alternative ways to find a fix, too

Hack Analysis

Got your website hacked? Is suddenly foreign content loaded on your website? No need to panic! Especially websites with known Content Management Systems such as Wordpress are favourited targets of hack attacks. Thanks to our Hack Analysis and Hack Cleanup we were able to help a lot of customers to identify a hack and clean up a hacked website. We then recommend and implement additional security improvements on the website or the web server together with the website owner.

Workflows, Automation, Scripting

Monitoring and Observability

Profit from our expertise (10+ years) in systems and application monitoring using the Open Source Software Nagios and Icinga 2. Get the know the differences between the different monitoring solutions and learn how to make use of Icinga 2's programmatic apply rules. Use graphing tools, such as Grafana, for capacity planning and visual monitoring tools (NagVis) to quickly identify a problem and save time in troubleshooting. Our Introduction to Icinga 2 workshop helps you jumpstart your new monitoring project.

Discover the world of Observability by collecting and analysing application logs using ELK (ElasticSearch Logstash Kibana). Combine your system and application logs at one place and create dashboards for performance or problem analysis.

Kubernetes, containers and automation

Kubernetes, containers, continuous deployments and automation. It all sounds good but there is a lot of complexity involved. With our experience in containerization and automation we are able to help you integrate a container infrastructure and improve deployment workflows using CI/CD.

Do you want to build your own Kubernetes infrastructure? Great, we can help you with that since we offer this as a service, too!

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