Private Kubernetes Container Cloud Infrastructure

Your private and secure application container cloud infrastructure, managed with Rancher as deployment and orchestration interface.

Have your own Private Kubernetes Container Cloud infrastructure (Hosted Rancher 2 Infrastructure). Focus on your application deployment in a scalable container infrastructure without worrying about the surroundings. Using the Rancher 2 orchestration and deployment interface you deploy your application services with just a few clicks or automated with the Rancher API. Infiniroot is Switzerland's most experienced Rancher provider and consultant.

Container Host Stack
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Dedicated Container Host Yes; host resources are dedicated to your services
Diskspace per Host Ranging from 10GB to 100GB
Memory per Host Ranging from 2GB to 8GB
CPU per Host Ranging from 2 to 6 vCPU
Rancher Environment
Rancher Setup HA (multinode setup)
Dedicated Environment Yes
Dedicated Kubernetes Nodes Yes
Access and Administration
Remote access Web user interface and API
User access Manage your own user access and API keys
Background Management by Infiniroot
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Regular System Updates Yes
Support languages English, German, French