Dedicated Atlassian Confluence Server

Full speed hosting for your Confluence Wiki.

Confluence is the Wiki application from Atlassian. Collaborative working and documentation are the key goals of Confluence. With our long time server experience for Atlassian products (since 2008) your Confluence instance has found the right hosting on our servers. The dedicated Confluence server comes prepared with a fully installed and ready to use Atlassian Confluence application.

Software Stack
Operating System Debian Linux
Database Confluence compatible MySQL or PostgreSQL version
Atlassian Confluence Latest Enterprise (LTS) release on new setup (specific version is possible)
Access and Administration
Application administration access Confluence is managed via its web user interface
Remote access SSH access with permissions to restart Confluence and access to data
Background Management and Support by Infiniroot
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Regular System Updates Yes
Support languages English, German, French
Backup included Yes
Backup interval 3 Backup incremental
Backup retention 1 month
3 Addtional Services on request
Confluence migration Support for migrating your existing Confluence instance (on a per hour basis)
Application troubleshooting Troubleshooting application issues which are not caused by server (on a per hour basis)