Invoice Ninja Billing and Invoicing

Your dedicated billing and invoicing application, using Invoice Ninja.

Dedicated Invoice Ninja Server Switzerland

Running your own billing application, even with a low budget! InvoiceNinja allows you to manage your customers, create quotes and invoices and manage expenses and suppliers. Recurring invoices can be scheduled, quotes can be accepted by customers and migrated into invoices and multiple external payment gateways (e.g. credit card payments) can be used. You can create your own templates, sending out your invoices in your corporate design. At Infiniroot we know how important customer related data and financial information is. That is why we only use dedicated servers per customer to ensure your data is secure and protected. The server costs already include an InvoiceNinja whitelabel license.

Software Stack
Operating System Debian Linux
Application Server Invoice Ninja v4 or v5
Application License Whitelabel License (included), worth USD 30
Application administration access
Mobile app Android, iPhone, iPad
Web application Any operating system (administration access using a web browser)
User and customer management Unlimited number of users, customers, invoices
Application languages Multi language (English, French, German, Spanish, ...)
Programmatic API API access using token based authentication
Background Management and Support by Infiniroot
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Regular System Updates Yes
Backup included Yes
Backup interval Daily incremental (differential) backup
Backup retention 1 month
Support languages English, German, French
Additional services on request
Version Migration Invoice Ninja v4 to v5 migration
Server Migration Migrating your existing Invoice Ninja setup from another server to us
Swiss QR Bill Adjusting personal invoice design and integration of Swiss QR-Bill (QR Code Bill) payment slips
Further information and knowledge articles
Swiss QR Bill Implementing Swiss Payments Code (SPC)
and QR code invoicing with InvoiceNinja
Introduction PDF Guide v4 Getting Started with Invoice Ninja v4
Introduction PDF Guide v5 Getting Started with Invoice Ninja v5
Application Support InvoiceNinja Community Forums
Knowledge Base InvoiceNinja Knowledge Base
Dedicated Invoice Ninja Server Switzerland
Browser view of InvoiceNinja Dashboard
Mobile view of InvoiceNinja app