Private Mailbox Server

Enjoy the security and benefits of a dedicated mailbox server in a highly available mail infrastructure.

The problems are well known when using free e-mail providers or shared hosting mail servers: My e-mail was sent but was it received on the other side? Why are my e-mails rejected by a blacklist? Are my e-mails secure when hundreds of other users are storing their mails on the same mailserver?

E-Mails are business critical and you should not be asking the questions above. The Private Mailbox Server offers a purely dedicated mailbox server in a highly available and redundant mail infrastructure. Your e-mails are stored securely on a private mailbox server; no other customers are using your mailbox server nor are able to access it.

Mail Stack
Operating System Debian Linux (Stable or Oldstable)
Mailserver Postfix, Dovecot
Anti-Spam Yes, RBL and anti spam rules
White/Blacklists Each mailbox can define own white- or blacklists
Secure transmission Yes, SSL/TLS on all protocols
Webmail Yes
Server Side Filters Yes with Sieve Rules
High Availability Yes for outgoing (sending) mails.
Optional for incoming (receiving) mails.
Customer Self-Administration
Mail administration Web user interface
Number of domains Unlimited
Number of mailboxes Unlimited
Number of e-mail addresses Unlimited
Background Management by Infiniroot
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Blacklist control Yes
Regular System Updates Yes
Backup Services
Backup interval Daily incremental
Backup retention 1 month