We are Infiniroot.

Since you're already here - it's nice to get to know you!


Our name was put together from two words: Infinity, which stands for the sheer endless possibilities of how to achieve a solution, and root, which represents the "root" (administrator) user on Unix systems.

Dedicated LAMP Server

Tell me about you.

Infiniroot GmbH, as the full legal name states, is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) based in Switzerland, founded in 2013 by experienced Systems Engineers Fabien Huttin and Claudio Kuenzler. Initially we founded the company for the purpose of consulting a former colleague for building an infrastructure for a web application platform. And we saw, we're good at it. The word of our work spread and we count a growing number of customers since.

So what do you do?

Our strength is to find a solution for a technical problem. And if it's about a web application platform, you've hit the spot with us. We plan and build system architectures around web applications and ensure it's security and stability. But our work doesn't have to be purely technical as we are also sharing our knowledge by offering consulting services.

Why Open Source?

Let us counter this with: Why not? The Open Source mentality is what we believe in and we actively contribute in a number of ways to the Open Source community. Claudio's blog and monitoring plugins is just one way of giving back to the community.