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Security Hardening and Web Application Architecture Review

There were times, you could just connect your system to the Internet and be happy. These times are gone, already a while ago. Especially for web applications additional security is required. We help you find and configure the most important hardening settings for your application servers and review the web application architecture.


Monitoring with Nagios, Icinga and Icinga 2

Profit from our expertise (10+ years) in systems and application monitoring using the Open Source Software Nagios, Icinga and Icinga 2. Get the know the differences between the solutions and learn how to make use of Icinga 2's programmatic apply rules. Use graphing tools for capacity planning and visual monitoring to quickly identify a problem and save time in troubleshooting.

Web hack analysis

Has your website been hacked? With our experience of over a decade in professional web hosting, we help you find the cause for the hack.
Important note in advance: Web logs are required and keep all files (or a backup) of your hacked website

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