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PCI-DSS validated infrastructure using Open Source

For one of our customers in the financial sector we needed to build a server infrastructure with high security standards to achieve the PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validation. All the PCI-DSS requirements were met with an infrastructure setup using only Open Source Software. The mobile payment platform is live and counts several thousand users.


Docker container infrastructure

Docker containers is the current way to go for continuous deployments and application scalability. But often the surroundings of a Docker container get forgotten. Question come up like persistant data, load balancing, security. We have built full production environments around Docker containers with load balancing and automatic failover, caching, database clustering and added security measures into the Docker environment.

Managing Linux servers

If you want or need to tighten your server security, this requires in depth knowledge of Linux and security. Sometimes this knowledge is not always available in-house. This is when we can help you by managing your servers professionally. .

Shared hosting infrastructure

The shared web hosting business is tough. It is not only about taking care of the end customers, the systems must be fast and highly available. For one of our customers we built a scalable and modern web hosting infrastructure including a semi-automated failover mechanism in case of hardware problems to stay competitive.

Scripting automation

Automation through scripts is handy, especially when complex tasks need to be done regularly. For a customer we created a fully automated private repository for his Ubuntu installations, where special packages are built from source - including the customer's modifications.

Security surveillance using Open Source

Video surveillance of public and private locations are rising. Whether this is good or bad, most available professional technology is costly. For a customer in the hospitality industry we've built a 24/7 surveillance system running purely on Open Source.

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