Managed Dedicated Server Hosting

Focus on your application, we manage the system.
All dedicated server packages have dedicated and customizable resources.

Dedicated LAMP Server

Classic LAMP

Classic Apache web server with MySQL data base server and PHP running on Linux. Perfect for CMS such as Wordpress or Drupal.

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Apache Tomcat Dedicated Server

Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat web application behind a Nginx reverse proxy. Comes with a MySQL or PostgreSQL database.

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Dedicated CouchDB Server


Store your data in CouchDB, a document-oriented NoSQL database. Available as standalone or clustered server.

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Private File Data Cloud

Private File Cloud

Your private and secure file cloud. Access and share your files from anywhere, from any device.

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Container Infrastructure

Container Infra

Deploy your application in a private, scalable and secure application container infrastructure.

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Private Mailbox Server

Private Mailbox Server

Enjoy the security and benefits of a dedicated mailbox server in a highly available mail infrastructure.

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Dedicated Atlassian Confluence Server

Atlassian Confluence

Hassle-free and ultra-fast Atlassian Confluence server hosting.

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Dedicated Atlassian Jira Server

Atlassian Jira

Hassle-free and ultra-fast Atlassian Jira server hosting

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Dedicated InvoiceNinja Server

Invoice Ninja

Dedicated billing application server using Invoice Ninja.

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Dedicated Mautic CRM Server

Mautic CRM

Your own professional and dedicated CRM system from Mautic to manage customers and send newsletters.

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