Apache Tomcat

Your own dedicated Apache Tomcat Java application server.

Run your J2EE/Java application on your dedicated Apache Tomcat application server. Get the server. Deploy your web app. You're live. For additional security a Nginx web server will run in parallel handling http/https connection and acts as a reverse proxy to your Tomcat application.

Software Stack
Operating System Debian Linux (Stable or OldStable)
Application Server Apache Tomcat (usually latest version)
Web Server Nginx (serving as Reverse Proxy)
Database MySQL 5.x or MariaDB
Java OpenJDK by default
Access and Administration
Remote access SSH access with permissions to restart Tomcat
Upload possibilities SFTP (FTP through SSH)
Background Management by Infiniroot
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Blacklist control Yes
Regular System (OS) Updates Yes
Backup Services
Backup interval Daily incremental
Backup retention 1 month