Dedicated CouchDB Server

Your own dedicated CouchDB NoSQL database server.

CouchDB is an open source NoSQL database application server. Data is written into and read from using a secured HTTP API. For the administration of database privileges and other settings, the user interface "Futon" is available, which allows an easy and quick management access for the end user. Another very interesting feature is the possibility to use bi-directional replications. This means you can run applications in two locations in parallel, data in CouchDB is synced on both sides.

Software Stack
Operating System Debian Linux (Stable)
Database CouchDB 2.x (CouchDB is only upgraded with customer consent)
CouchDB Cluster Available (select HA option when ordering)
Access and Administration
Remote application access HTTPS API
Administration access Futon web interface using HTTPS
Background Management by Infiniroot
Data transfer encryption Yes
24/7 Monitoring Yes
Regular System Updates Yes
Support languages English, German, French
Backup Services
Backup interval Daily incremental
Backup retention 1 month
Dedicated CouchDB Server