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Of course we cannot always share details about our work with customers, but nevertheless it is nice to show our technical achievements and share some of our implemented solutions.

Infiniroot celebrates 10 years

Published on June 13th 2023

With this month, June 2023, Infiniroot has reached an important and historical milestone: We celebrate 10 years of existence!

Infiniroot celebrates 10 years

In Spring 2013, we were asked by a former colleague to build a highly secure infrastructure for a payment application (we built with pure open source and got PCI-DSS Provider approved). This was the beginning of Infiniroot and on June 10th 2013 we formally founded Infiniroot in presence of a notary as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

We're proud of what we have achieved in these 10 years and are very happy to call our earliest customers still customers today.