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Hosted Znuny and Laravel server added to our managed server portfolio

Published on June 25th 2024

We're happy to announce that we've added two new server types to our managed dedicated server offering.

Hosted Znuny

The first new server type is Znuny. Znuny is an open source trouble ticket/ITSM application, written in Perl. Znuny is a fork from the well known OTRS Community Edition, which seized to exist in 2021 (we wrote about the migration from OTRS CE to Znuny in a blog post).

Managed Znuny server

The hosted Znuny server offering leaves the server side configuration and Znuny upgrades to us, while you can enjoy and manage the application.

Laravel Server

The second new managed server offering concerns dedicated Laravel servers. Laravel is a application framework based on PHP. The specifications are similar to those or our managed LAMP servers but with additional PHP configuration tuning and server-side settings optimized for running Laravel applications.

Managed Laravel server

The hosted Laravel server also comes with the (sometimes required) Supervisor service.