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We look back to a successful 2023 and our plans for 2024

Published on December 21st 2023

Another year's end is fast approaching and it is time to slow down a little bit. This gives time to reflect on the past months. What did we achieve? What lessons have we learned? What are our plans for the next year?

2023: A review of a successful year

This year, 2023, was a very significant one. It marked the 10 year anniversary of Infiniroot. This moment made us very proud - especially knowing that our earliest customers are still with us. During all these years our focus on stable and secure systems and web infrastructures have paid off.

But the start into 2023 wasn't all sunshine. The increasing costs of electricity hit hard on data center operations. The costs of our own physical servers increased by a several percent points - and this steadily over the past 3 years already. Yet we still were able to keep our prices for managed servers and services at the same level.

During the year we were involved in a lot of interesting projects, including:

An outlook into 2024

The new year, 2024, has not started yet but there are already a couple of changes, both administratively and technical.

In Switzerland, the VAT (Value added tax) increases from 7.7% to 8.1%. Our customers based in Switzerland therefore need to expect a minor cost increase of these 0.4%. 

Besides an increased VAT, electricity costs are, once again, on the rise. Luckily the cost increase isn't as much as 2022-2023 but still pours into our recurring costs. However we have decided to keep the same prices for managed servers and services for 2024 (without counting Swiss VAT here). 

To tackle the (seemingly) ever increasing data center costs, we have decided to invest into a small but performant laboratory data center. This secondary data center will also feature 24x7 surveillance and redundant battery-powered electricity. The main purpose is to migrate non-production and purely administrative environments into this secondary data center. It will also serve for testing of new hardware and as laboratory for new software/solutions. Customers will be able to run managed servers in this secondary site for a reduced price - a perfect situation for development or staging environments.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

With the review of the old and the outlook into the new year, let's go back to where this post started: The year's end and its festivities. Let's all take a deep breath, slow down for a couple of days and recharge our cells. We wish you, our valued customers and dear blog visitor, relaxing and nice Holidays and a great start into 2024!

Happy Holidays and have a great start into 2024 wishes you Infiniroot